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Season to Shimmer

I’m so excited because my first release is now out! This is part of Dreamspinner’s Advent Calendar, but can be found on both Dreamspinner and Amazon! One morning close to the holidays, Nolan wakes up to two surprises: a distress call from his younger brother and a beautiful man in his bed. Nolan, an art gallery owner, has always been discreet about his sexuality, but … Continue reading Season to Shimmer

The Beginning Hellscapade: Post One

“What the heck do you think you were doing?!” Mitch yelled as soon as he entered the office. “My job, Sir,” Micah replied wearily. He was bone tired from the surveillance work he had been doing. And he had just watched a young man get shot, without being able to do anything about it. He had been close enough to see the outcome, but he … Continue reading The Beginning Hellscapade: Post One

Hellscapade: Post 32

Azgoth took a moment to collect himself. His mother had carefully separated herself from the Nine, and their family had thrived. But nothing less than treason was in the wind, and Lucifer’s rage would be unleashed if the situation was not contained. To run that risk, whoever was behind this must be truly desperate. “He wants me in my official role to investigate treason amongst … Continue reading Hellscapade: Post 32

Reviews and Blogs

So. You have a book coming out. That’s a huge achievement, so take a moment to congratulate yourself. But now you want people to actually read your book. How do you get reader visibility and interest? Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) are one way to get excitement around your upcoming release, and many authors have ARC teams and/or marketing groups that distribute ARCs for them. Another … Continue reading Reviews and Blogs

Hellscapade: Post 28

“Do we have a plan?” Micah asked his partner quietly as they approached the warehouse. “We’re going to poke an ant’s nest with a stick,” Rakon replied, winking at him. Micah rolled his eyes as Rakon continued. “Really. It’s the best way to see what comes to light. I suspect that everything stored at the warehouse itself will match all their official invoices. It’s too … Continue reading Hellscapade: Post 28