Hellscapade: Post 20

“Just look at his sigil, Mother,” Azgoth told her. Really. You’d think the woman would have already done that. “His sigil is clearly tied to my personal one, binding him to our House.”

“Azgoth Zacallister Kurush, do not take that tone with me. I can’t see his sigil, which would be expected for an unbound human. I assumed you meant to bind him to the House at the next opportunity once all the requirements were met.”

“Interesting. If I look directly at it, I can see that his sigil is there but it’s rather obscure. Like it has some sort of blocking mechanism on it. Or magic that deflects it… I wonder if that’s the effect from Lucifer’s Seal,” Azgoth said, drawing his finger over Micah’s face. He gloried in the shiver that he got from Micah at that touch, but didn’t want to embarrass the lovely man.

Micah snatched the shirt that Azgoth handed him and put it on, looking much less nervous now that he was fully dressed. He really was too cute.

“Lucifer’s Seal?” gasped his Mother.

“Yes, Lucifer stopped by yesterday, apparently having sensed the binding. He blessed us with his Seal,” Azgoth said, his Sigil suddenly flaring to life as his mother looked at it intently. In a chain reaction, Micah’s own Sigil blazed its full glory. Between the two, the room was ablaze in color and light.

“Well,” his mother said thoughtfully. “That will shake up the next Council meeting to be sure. Lucifer is playing a long game, but it puts both of you in the crosshairs. I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t already parties moving against you. I will have to put some plans in motion to keep you protected until you are both ready to deal with the consequences.”

They suddenly heard a cacophony of noise from the kitchen, and Micah sprinted out of the room towards the disturbance. When Azgoth strolled in after him, he saw Janal on the ground playing with the hellhoundcat pups.

“Janal! Take those pups outside if you are going to wind them up. I’m sure they could use a constitutional anyway,” his mother commanded from behind him.

“Very well. Come Micah, I’ll show you where to bring them,” Janal said, taking Micah’s hand in hers as she led him outside, the pups following in an eager tumble.

“You still can’t keep him!” Azgoth shouted after her, before turning to his mother. “Is she part of your devious plan?”

“Aye, I summoned her just now. I suspect that Lucifer will have some of his own pieces on the board as well. The tricky bit will be to determine which pieces are there for your protection, which is why I want Janal to be our lead in this. Lucifer likes her, and will bring her into his confidence.”

“And you don’t want her to know that’s why she’s been summoned.”

“Not in a million years. We’ll just pretend it’s because your sister loves you so.”

“I think she likes Micah more now,” Azgoth grumbled.

“Of course she does, dear.”

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