Hellscapade: Post 22

“Well, they won’t fit in your bed for long,” Janal smirked at him as she looked at the hellhoundcat pups with an appraising eye. “Which will leave more room for my brother.”

Micah stared at Janal, about to stupidly deny everything, because, really, it made no sense. Then a tumble of pups crashed into his leg as they chased the glowflilts in a riot of color and light.

Janal just laughed at the look on his face, then looked past him at the pretty demon that had wandered in while he was distracted. The pups once again arrayed themselves in front of him, in full guard mode.

“I came as soon as I got your message, Steward,” the woman said with a smile on her face as she winked at the pups, who were throwing off balefire and swirling energy.

“Very good, Vazga. This is Micah, the new Packmaster. I am nominating you to be his Assistant,” Egath said. “Micah, this is Vazga. She has been with our house for a while now and has been highly trained as a member of our security team under Commander Janal.”

“And sadly, I know that as good as she is at her job, she is looking for something new to challenge her. Excellent idea, Egath. I hadn’t even thought of it, but Vazga will make an excellent Assistant Packmaster. Vazga, does this sound acceptable to you? I will not force you into it, but…”

“Oh, Commander, I love it! It’s just perfect. I’ve always loved the hounds and was disappointed that House Kurush didn’t have a full kennel. May I meet them?” she asked, looking at Micah.

Micah stepped forward and put his hand on Vazga’s shoulder. “Of course,” he said turning to face his excited Pack. “This is Vazga. You listen to her.”

He had no idea if that would work. But as Vazga knelt down and the pups swarmed her and she was soon laughing as they kissed her face, he was happy to see they had taken his direction.

“Egath, is there a Raising Hellhounds for Dummies book I can get anywhere?”

Egath burst out laughing. “No, my Lord Packmaster. But I will arrange for someone in who can help with specialized training. They will work with you and Vazga as well as the pups.”

“Oh, that sounds good. Thank you Egath.”

“Now, to make this formal,” Janal said, catching everyone’s attention. Vazga got to her feet, Bau held in her arms.

“Vazga, in service of the House Kurush, do you accept the position of Assistant Packmaster to the House and to the Packmaster, Micah Kurush?” she asked, her voice formal.

“Yes, Commander.”

“Micah, Packmaster of House Kurush, do you accept Vazga as your Assistant Packmaster to be in your service?”

“Yes,” Micah said, just as energy once again slammed into him and he felt something deep inside of him click. A burst of color flared as everyone’s sigils flamed into life, and right before his eyes, he saw Vazga’s sigil take on brilliant new color and energy. The joy on her face was a sight to behold. Everyone was quiet until the pups let out a series of excited howls.

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