Hellscapade: Post 25

Rakon and Percy looked up at Micah as he stumbled into the office. The Hellhoundcats followed him in and promptly curled up and went to sleep under his desk. Snuffling snores and whimpers came from seemingly nowhere, making his desk appear to be haunted. It was adorable, but likely they wouldn’t all fit under there for much longer. They had already grown noticeably in the short time since he had acquired them.

“Did you have a good All Hallows Eve?” Rakon asked dryly after he had flung himself into his seat and tried to close his eyes.

“Why yes,” Micah said as glared at his partner. Then he remembered something through the drunken haze. “Oh, by the way, Commander Stone said that he looked forward to seeing you at the next agency meeting. Something about an all-day session.”

Rakon groaned and put his head down on the desk. “I really should make you go with me.”

“But you can’t. I’m not supposed to be topside remember?”

“You were just topside last night.”

“That was unplanned. Besides, I had Azgoth with me. I very much doubt I was in any danger. But for now, Stone wants me to stay down here. In Hell, you know, where it’s safe,” Micah said with a laugh. “So no all-day meetings for me. Such a shame.”

“You suck,” grumbled Rakon.

Just then Vazga walked into the office with Janal.

“Oh, you’re here! I heard you had an interesting holiday!” Janal exclaimed, rushing over to Micah and picking him up and swinging him around.

“Seriously? That isn’t doing anything for my head right now,” Micah growled as Rakon broke out into a laugh.

“Well, I am here darlings to say hello and drop off Vazga. She wanted to get to work with the pups. Where is my brother anyway?” Janal looked around.

“I think he was trying to track down a certain young cousin who put him on the “To be Summoned” list,” Micah told her, as Vazga dropped down on her knees and laughed at the site of the sleeping pups.

“They are so cute!” she said.

“I know, right?” Percy told her. “See, I told Azgoth that I had to rescue them. How could I not?”

“Oh, you were the one that found them? That’s amazing,” Vazga told him.

“If you two are done drooling over the ugly puppies, Percy I could use your help,” Rakon grumbled as he headed over to his desk.

Micah looked at his partner in fascination. That was definitely jealousy in his voice. Yup. Rakon definitely had a fascination with Percy. Micah couldn’t blame him. Percy wasn’t his type, but he couldn’t deny that the demon was just cute as could be.  

“So do you expect my dear brother back soon, or will he be tormenting Henry for the rest of the day?”

“Henry? His name is Henry? Oh, that’s … wow,” Micah said.

“Yes, his name is Henry. Well, actually it’s Hazzgath, but he insists on going by Henry,” Janal said.

“In that case, I think this could take a while,” Micah said with a laugh.

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