Hellscapade: Post 27

Micah and Rakon walked through the quiet streets of Hellsgate. The purple haze that had surrounded Micah had faded to a faint aura allowing them to pass through unobtrusively. There was a stillness to the air, and Micah recognized it for apprehension. The demon dust gangs were becoming more feared by the day.

“Things are progressing far more quickly that I would expect. This is definitely being driven by one of the Nine,” Rakon said, glancing around.

Like everyone who worked for DDEA, Micah knew exactly who the Nine were. Each served directly below Lucifer, and wielded a great deal of power throughout the Demon Realms. He’d had a Professor once who described it in terms of English society: the Nine were the powerful Dukes, and the other houses formed up the rest of the gentry.

“You think one of the Nine is the one that put this into play?” Micah asked. He felt part of himself center again. His life had been a continual source of change of late, and it was nice to be engaging in basic detective work. He had a lot to think about in terms of his life with Azgoth, but he needed to let his thoughts settle. This investigation would allow him to reclaim part of himself that he had lost for a bit.

“Yes, definitely. There’s no way someone outside that group could have set up a distribution network of this type. They are running through Hellsgate to the rest of the Realms unimpeded. In addition, there is a power behind this operation that is interfering with any investigation and protecting the main players. My Uncle gave me some information, and that’s what we are tracking down,” Rakon said.

“Your Uncle?”

“Yeah. Uncle Astaroth. He had heard some disturbing rumors at the last Imperial Court he attended,” Rakon replied as Micah gaped.

“You’re High Lord Astaroth’s nephew?”

“Yeah, but it’s a long story and let’s just say I’m not invited to the Palace for dinner,” Rakon said with a dark look, and Micah nodded. He could understand the complications of family and respet his partner’s privacy.

“So where are we going now?” Micah asked, and Rakon threw him a grateful look.

“There is a distribution warehouse that is owned by Ilrazun. We are going to go check it out.”

“Wait, the guy from the shop? The one who was all incensed about the dust dealers wrecking his business?” Micah asked, confused.

“The very one. He may seem, well, a bit of a twit, but he is very connected. As you heard, he plays poker with Lucifer. Now, a lot of that may be Lucifer’s need to have someone he can easily beat, but a lot of that is just facade. The man runs a business empire behind the trappings of a silly kitsch shop. He could be involved in this, or someone is trying to set him up. We need to figure out which,” Rakon stated as they walked through streets that grew darker and more ominous.

Micah looked around him curiously, as he had only been in the area of Hellsgate near HQ. And of course the trip to Azgoth’s estate. These streets however were narrower and the buildings less ornate. The demons that they passed were keeping an assessing eye out as they walked, aware of any dangers.

Micah realized that some of his uneasiness was because he didn’t have his Pack as he walked into an unknown situation. Not that he wanted to bring them into danger just yet, but they were part of who he was at this point, and their absence was a loss.

“What’s wrong?” Rakon asked.

“I’m trying to decide if my uneasiness is because of where we are or because I left the Pack behind,” Micah said.

“It’s probably both. You have a lot to learn yet with the whole Pack thing, and it’s unfortunate you will need to do a crash course. But yeah, being without your Pack with you will become more and more difficult. So training them as they grow will be your primary concern. You have a good assistant though, so that will help,” Rakon said. “As for the area, we’ve reached the border with the more industrial sections of Hellsgate, and some of these are areas most demons won’t wander into. Luckily for us, we aren’t just some demons. So let’s go find this warehouse.”N

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