Hellscapade: Post 29

As they strolled into the DDEA office, Micah felt something click. In seconds, his pack surrounded him, baby growls and roars salting the air. He realized that he wouldn’t be able to be in the field for long without the Pack by his side. He turned to Vazga.

“How did they do today?” he asked.

“Well, I did keep them from destroying the office,” she said with a shrug. “Obeying basic commands, not so much.”

“That is because you are trying to work with them as you’ve been trained to do with hellhounds,” an imposing demon said as he entered the office, a beautiful fully maned hell lion at his side.

“Sabnock,” Asgoth said in greeting and obvious warning. “I suppose I should have expected you.”

The lion strolled forward, and once again the pups arrayed themselves in front of Micah. “Mihos,” he cautioned as the largest of the three hissed in annoyance at the much larger intruder. Her siblings flanked her, and the three of them glowed with hellfire and lightning sizzled in the air.

The lion stood motionless, then sank down to the floor, eyes trained on the pups. Micah could feel the curiosity and confusion emanating from his pack as they regarded the much larger intruder.

“Arroc there is the pups’ sire. He has been restless ever since we heard about your new acquisition, Azzie,” Sabnock said with an amused smile as the pups slowly stalked the lion.

Micah was briefly distracted by Sabnock, but felt his breath catch and poised himself to intervene when Mihos pounced. But he relaxed as Arroc tolerated the mock attacks from the pups, and settled in with the three youngster climbing all over him.

“Relax, Packmaster. Arroc will tend to them while we chat.”

Azgoth strode over to Micah, putting a proprietary hand on his shoulder. “What is your play here Sabnock?”

“Arroc is my personal companion. He is not part of any of the hunting prides, but rather my own to call. He has been off balance of late, and once I heard news of your new Pack I knew why,” Sabnock replied, nodding at the site of Bau gnawing on Arroc’s ear while the large male huffed contentedly. “He is happy now.”

“And that is all?” Azgoth asked sardonically. Micah was having trouble following the conversation as the warm weight of Azgoth’s hand on his shoulder. This was another piece of himself that he had missed during his investigation today. There was much they would need to figure out over the next few days.

Sabnock threw back his head and laughed. “Of course not. I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors of one of the Nine being involved in the recent plots. Court right now is a cesspool of intrigue, and Lucifer has retreated to allow us to fix our own mess. Since he’s twined his colors to your, my dear young Azzie, I’m here prepared to make a deal.”

“A deal?” Azgoth asked, his face pensive. Micah calmed as Azgoth gripped his shoulder reassuringly. The power swirling  in the room was immense, but it was all contained for now. And a surprising amount of it was centered on Azgoth and Micah. He wondered if their bond had triggered something, and cursed his own lack of knowledge when it came to demonic powers.

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