Hellscapade: Post 32

Azgoth took a moment to collect himself. His mother had carefully separated herself from the Nine, and their family had thrived. But nothing less than treason was in the wind, and Lucifer’s rage would be unleashed if the situation was not contained. To run that risk, whoever was behind this must be truly desperate.

“He wants me in my official role to investigate treason amongst the Nine,” he stated baldly.

“That is bold of him. And not expected,” Lady Zorol said, her expression startled. “But he could make that request without sending his personal beast.”

“True, but apparently the cubs need training, and are more hell lion than hell hound. So Arroc is taking them in hand. I gather he has been driving Sabnock to distraction wanting to find his cubs.”

Azgoth looked over at Arroc, who had his head back down on Micah’s lap on the bed. His lover gently stroked the giant head while lavishing attention on the cubs.

“He seems to have the trick to getting them to listen. I found it very difficult to be in the field without them, but trying to investigate with this lot along has its challenges as well,” Micah said. “I think I can bring the pack if Arroc is there to guide them.”

“And I will be less concerned for you, my love, if you have them there with you. The pups are fiercely protective and can handle some threats. But Arroc will be a worthy shield for you while his offspring grow into their role,” Azgoth said, realizing at that moment that Sabnock’s gift was beyond measure.

His mother’s face grew soft as she looked at him. “Well, that is a welcome relief then. But is it truly safe for Micah to be investigating in the field at this point?”

“While much has happened, I was sent here as an agent of the DDEA. That hasn’t changed. I would lose part of myself if I had to be on desk duty, my Lady,” Micah said firmly. Azgoth was proud of him, for being firm with his mother could be a difficult thing for even the most powerful demon.

“He and Rakon make an excellent team. While Rakon is not popular in certain quarters, he is one of the best agents we have and I trust him to have Micah’s back. In the meantime, I think we will all find that Micah will grow into a power of his own. But he cannot do that if I hold him back out of overprotectiveness,” Azgoth said, determined to support his mate.

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