The Set Up

Harlequin posted a challenge recently which was to write a few chapters that show exactly when two characters realize that they have been set up. I had fun with this one.

Kyle entered the seaside cottage, charmed as always by the bright colors on the walls and scattered pillows. He opened the door to the bedroom, then froze. “Claude,” Kyle breathed in surprise, shocked to see the large man looking out the windows at the beach, wearing a swimsuit and nothing else. “I, um, didn’t know you were going to be here.”

“And why are you here, Kyle?” Claude asked, his eyes focused on Kyle’s face as he walked towards him. Kyle tried to subdue his reaction to Claude, but his own body thrummed with anticipation. He desperately hoped that it wasn’t obvious.

“Brian asked me to come. He wanted me to take pictures for his rental brochure,” Kyle said breathlessly, trying to sound normal but knowing that he had failed.

“Now isn’t that interesting. My little brother, your dear friend Brian, asked me to meet him at his seaside rental cottage. You see, he wanted to talk to me about why his best friend was avoiding me at all costs for the past few months,” Claude said as he reached out and traced a finger over Kyle’s face.

“But perhaps the reason is not so mysterious after all, now is it?” Claude asked as he bent down to touch his lips to Kyle’s. The kiss was soft and sweet and everything Kyle had ever imagined. But he wanted more, so he deepened the kiss. He pulled back a bit when Claude chuckled, his heart racing as Claude smiled at him tenderly. “Oh, yeah, I think I know exactly why. And now I think we can both have what we want.”

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