Hellscapade: Post Nineteen

Micah woke slowly, nestled down into the most comfortable bed ever. As his eyes fluttered open, he heard little whining snores. He smiled as he looked down at the hellhoundcat pups that were snuggled against him in bed. Little Bau had nestled down under the covers curled up next to him, and only her ears were currently visible. A louder snore interrupted his thoughts, and … Continue reading Hellscapade: Post Nineteen

Hellscapade: Post Eighteen

Azgoth strode through the halls of his ancestral home, Micah nestled in his arms. The hellhoundcat pups had woken on arrival, and were scampering at his heels. He decided to head straight to his rooms, as he didn’t want the staff or any of his annoying relatives to see Micah in such a vulnerable state. So he was currently striding through the never used back … Continue reading Hellscapade: Post Eighteen

Hellscapade: Post Seventeen

“I’ll have Micah’s stuff packed up and sent to your estate,” Percy said. “Y’all get on home. I’m gonna call Janal too and have her send over some reinforcements for tomorrow so you guys can get settled in.” “Yes, boss!” Rakon replied with a smirk as Percy rolled his eyes. “Thank you, Percy. Ignore the idiot.” He turned to Micah, who had Bau snuggled up … Continue reading Hellscapade: Post Seventeen

Hellscapade: Post Fifteen

“Azgoth,” Lucifer growled. “My Lord,” Azgoth responded. Lucifer walked over to Micah, and reaching his hand out, tipped the small human’s head back. Azgoth held himself very still. He wanted to go to Micah, to protect him. But he managed to wrestle his instincts into submission and stood quiet. He was well aware of the danger they were all in at that moment. “Interesting,” Lucifer … Continue reading Hellscapade: Post Fifteen

Hellscapade: Post Thirteen

“They are yours, so you may name them whatever you like,” Azgoth said with a smile. He was amused at Micah’s fretting over his pack.“Of course, if you pick wrong you will be mocked until the end of time.” “Oh, I know! You should name them Brittany, Celine, and Mariah! That would be perfect!” Janal said, mischief in her voice. Everyone in the room turned … Continue reading Hellscapade: Post Thirteen

Hellscapade: Post Eleven

Exhausted, Micah followed Rakon into the office at Hellsgate. Their very impressive looking backup had shown up to escort the prisoners away while he and Rakon had gone back to further question Ilrazun about the demons they had chased out of his shop. Unfortunately, the poker playing shopkeeper didn’t have much information on the trio aside from the fact that this type of activity was … Continue reading Hellscapade: Post Eleven