Hellscapade: Post 33

Micah walked into the office in the morning, the Pack at his heels and a smile on his face. Percy looked up to greet him, and with a non-apologetic smile proceeded to feed treats to the Pack. Even Arroc looked at the man eagerly as he doled out his goodies. Micah just laughed.

“Really? You aren’t supposed to spoil them!” Rakon declared as he stalked into the room. Arroc began to a low rolling growl while staring at the large demon. Micah laughed even more.

“I suspect you best not threaten the source of his treats. He seems inordinately fond of them. I think Percy may be his new favorite person,” Micah told his partner. “Dude, what’s got your panties in a bunch?”

“Did you seriously just ask me that?” Rakon asked with a grimace.

“Well, yeah. You stalk in here with attitude to spare then take it out on Percy. Not cool.”

“What he said!” Percy chimed in as he gave the pups cuddles, with Arroc looking on adoringly.

Rakon took a breath. “Sorry, you’re right. Just the normal song and dance with my family. Way too many politics for my liking, and last night they were trying to talk to me about a brokered alliance.”

“What?! That’s not right. They can’t do that!” Percy said adamantly. “Can they?”

“Well, they can try and talk me into it, but it’s not going to happen. Luckily for me, I repudiated all family ties years ago. No one understood why I was willing to walk away from all of the benefits of my family name, but I knew what would happen if I tried to take advantage of that,” Rakon stated.

“Sorry, but could you explain? What’s a brokered alliance?” Micah asked, confused.

“Basically, an alliance between houses secured by a marriage. But I’m not a willing pawn to those games,” Rakon said.

“Oh, damn, your folks at the politics game again?” Punt asked as she strolled into the office with Marrack at her side.

“Yes, unfortunately. But luckily, as soon as I knew what was on the table I walked out again. I’m quite content to stay in my rooms here and never return home,” Rakon said.

“Yeah, besides which at some point Lucifer will ban you topside again anyway,” Marrack said with a laugh.

“Hey, no getting rid of my partner. I kinda like him,” Micah retorted.

“We ready for the debrief? We did find some interesting leads yesterday,” Punt said.

“Yeah, Azgoth got called into an emergency meeting with other DDEA Commanders, so he said we should get started,” Micah told her. “But first I should tell you that Sabnock petitioned Azgoth formally to look into the illicit drug trade and the connection to the Nine. That’s what the meeting is about, and will definitely have an impact on the investigation.”

“Damn,”  Quitz said as he came into the room. “That’s an interesting move on his part. That’s his beast that Percy is attempting to make a house-cat out of isn’t it?”

Percy looked up with a guilty smile from where he was sitting on the floor playing with the pups and stroking Arroc until he purred. Then suddenly the pups jumped to attention and began to crackle with hellfire as Ilgren walked in. They obviously hadn’t forgotten the altercation from yesterday.

Ilgren stopped at the door, eyes wide at the sight of Arroc standing protectively with the pups giving him a death glare.

“Ok, we’re all here, let’s get started with our briefing. There’s a lot to go through, and plenty of leads to follow up on,” Punt said with a brisk nod, ignoring the tension in the air.

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