Hellscapade: Post 30

“I think I know which of the Nine is involved, but a direct move on my part will lead us to war,” Sabnock said. “Our coalition is a precarious one, and any direct movement by one of us against another will erupt in chaos. But you, my young Azzie, are unaffiliated. Except now,  it would seem to Lucifer himself. Your mother was smart when she cut her ties so cleanly.”

“I will not tie myself to you,” Azgoth told him bluntly.

Sabnock threw back his head and laughed. “I have no delusions that you would, but as a denizen of this realm I can come to you and ask for your assistance in your official role as DDEA Director, may I not?”

“Very clever,” Rakon said, stepping up and flanking Micah’s other side. “You would have him take action under Lucifer’s authority then?”

“Yes,” Sabnock said, staring at Rakon intently. Tension rippled through the room and Micah felt his power flare in response. The room was suddenly filled with glowfits that swarmed around Micah. Everyone stared at him as he stood in a very pink glow.

“Oh my god, how cute! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many of the pink ones!” Percy said from behind Azgoth. Rakon began to chuckle and the tension eased. “And yeah, Micah, I would definitely start to wear all black. That way you can always match.”

“Percy, that’s not the official uniform,” Rakon said with a fond smile for the smaller demon.

“Well, no, but Micah is a Packmaster. I’ll figure something out for him,” Percy insisted.

Azgoth shook his head in apparent exasperation, then turned to Sabnock and stated formally, “I accept your petition for official action and investigation.”

“Very well. In return, I will leave Arroc here with you for the duration of the investigation. I think your new Packmaster needs his Pack with him, but the pups are still vulnerable and untrained. He will accompany them; they will learn best by example. If I may, I would like to introduce him to your Micah,” Sabnock said, looking intently at Azgoth.

“You do realize he’s my partner, Sabnock? I hope I won’t expect to have my throat ripped out while we are working together,” Rakon said with a grimace. “Arroc channels your anger.”

“Whatever may be between us, Raki, I assure you Arroc will have no trouble working with your partner,” Sabnock replied shortly, then beckoned the large cat over. He got up lazily, and strolled over with Bau dangling from his ear, which she had gotten a good handle on. Micah started to chuckle at his utter nonchalance.

“Typical cat,” Rakon muttered, and Micah rolled his eyes. Whatever was between his partner and this powerful demon was sure to be a good story. He made a note to get every last detail. He was a trained investigator; this was an irresistible challenge.

Arroc walked right up to Micah and nudged his hand with his broad head. Micah instinctively brought his hand around to scratch the prominent mane, and the hell lion began to purr appreciatively. Wait, were lions supposed to purr? But of course, who knew what rules applied to hell lions. Yet another thing he needed to learn. Micah felt his sigil flare, and the odd glow bathed him and the big cat in front of him.

“Well, it would seem introductions have been made,” Sabnock said with an odd look on his face.

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