Hellscapade: Post 28

“Do we have a plan?” Micah asked his partner quietly as they approached the warehouse.

“We’re going to poke an ant’s nest with a stick,” Rakon replied, winking at him. Micah rolled his eyes as Rakon continued. “Really. It’s the best way to see what comes to light. I suspect that everything stored at the warehouse itself will match all their official invoices. It’s too obvious to run the operation through there. But I suspect they are using some of the same distribution networks.”

“So we just ask a bunch of questions and generally make everyone uncomfortable?” Micah asked.

“Yup,” Rakon said as they entered the warehouse. Demons scurried everywhere carrying boxes in the faint light. There were sconces of Hellfire stationed throughout. Micah assumed that the spells kept them from actually starting any kind of real fire, because this place would burn down in a heartbeat.

Nothing seemed out of place though, and Micah continued to pace besides Rakon as glances were thrown their way. Rakon was making no effort to be inconspicuous, so Micah strolled beside him not bothering to suppress the purple sparks that followed him everywhere. That should make a few folks nervous.

They headed to the back of the open area and Micah finally spied the office that Rakon was heading towards. A harried looking clerk jumped in front of them.

“Gentleman, may I help you?” he asked.

“Is the Warehouse Manager here?”

“Um, no. Not today,” the clerk replied.

“Then I would like to speak with whomever is in charge today,” Rakon said as he grasped the door handle.

“You can’t, I mean, that’s private!” the clerk protested as Rakon walked into the office without looking back.

A scowling demon sat behind the desk staring at them as Micah followed Rakon. “What is the meaning of this? I gave clear orders not to be disturbed!”

“I’m sorry sir, I’ll have them taken care of!” the clerk responded in a rush, then yelled from the door. “Guards! Summon the guards!”

Rakon just laughed. “Really? Shouldn’t you ask who your visitors are first?”

“I don’t care if you are Lucifer himself, I want you gone,” the demon muttered, then blanched when Micah’s seal flared brightly at Lucifer’s name. Hmmm. That was interesting.

“Do you think it will do that every time his name is mentioned?” Micah asked Rakon, curious, ignoring the other demons in the office..

“I suspect so, though that could get annoying. Maybe we should talk to him about that,” Rakon replied, as the demon in front of them blanched further.

Just then two demons in uniform rushed into the office, then halted suddenly.

“My Lord,” the one said, bowing to Rakon.

“Stop bowing and get these two out of here!” the clerk told the guard.

The guard just laughed as he motioned his partner to leave. “You can’t be serious. This is Lord Rakon. You really don’t want to take on that fight. And even if you did, he works for Lord Azgoth. And I don’t know who his partner is, but I know what that Seal is. So we’re heading back to our patrol.”

Once the two uniformed demons had left, Rakon turned to the demon in front of him. “And you are?”

After a boring and unproductive hour of interrogating the daytime supervisor for the warehouse, they walked out of the warehouse. The back of his neck itched as everyone watched their departure closely. Once they hit the streets, Rakon was whistling. While the interrogation had been a bust, they had definitely poked at the ant’s nest.


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